June 2008
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Many days passed by without a single new photo or story about our visits to different schools and countries. We have now fixed that!

Read about our adventures in Venezuela, Kenya and Iraq here, and look at our pictures of Belarus and Myanmar, where children took part of some AiA activities last year.

Also, admire drawings that were exchanged between schools during 2007, as part of our Pen Pal Program.

Finally, we have added interviews of children we have met during our activities.

AiA in every language
Now you can read every page of our website in the language of your choice, thanks to the Google Translation Button on our website.

AiA in the media
Much is being spoken about AiA in the Indian Ocean… on the national television of the Comoros and in the famous Mauritian newspaper L’Express

Partnership with iEarn
AiA made partnership with iEARN to deploy AiA activities in their school network. Iearn is the world's largest non-profit global network that enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects. iEARN is active in more than 27,000 schools and youth organizations in 125 countries. iEARN countries in Southern Africa welcomed Art in All of Us creative art and exchange programs in schools. We encourage all Art in All of Us schools to follow this inspirational experience.

Our World Art Book, searching for editors and sponsors
The World Art Book illustrates the 192 countries of the United Nations by drawings and poems created by children, as well as by a photo per country. That is how AiA evokes the world through the eyes of children, who are the universal writers. In order to carry out this remarkable work, AiA today is looking for sponsors and editors. You can learn more and discover some pages of the book here

or in the booklet.

    In this issue:


Interview of the Month

My name is Imran, I am 10 years old. I live in Moroni, capital of the Comoros. We speak French and Comorian, which is a mixture of Arabic and Swahili… but at school we speak French.

I love studying English, French, math, history, geography and sciences. In fact, I enjoy studying almost everything.

Today in school the morning was very special, because we had a visit. We were with the team of Art in All of Us, and they told us about countries we don’t know, took photos and received drawings and poems to present our country, the Comoros. For example, I learned about Nepal. I know that the largest mountain of the world is there: the Everest! I also learned to take creative photos! It was my best day at school !

Here, in the Comoros, you can find the coelacanth, which is a very rare fish that you can’t find in other country, and it’s really old too. He is protected, so you can’t go and fish it. But if you do, you can look at it and then you have to return it to the water. You can also find beautiful places: le Lac Salé (the Salted Lake), le Dos du Dragon (the Back of the Dragon), le Trou du Prophète (the Hole of the Prophet) and the Karthala volcano, which has the largest crater in the world. It’s an active volcano, and last year it erupted and splat lava in the other coast of the island, but not in Moroni. It also released toxic smoke. The Back of the Dragon is a very small mountain that looks like a dragon, but it’s not a real one. I’ve never been to the Hole of the Prophet, but I will go with my family this Sunday. It seems like it’s a lake with ostriches.

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Changing the Present

Instead of giving a useless present... we show you some alternatives that will delight your friends... and for a good cause!

or http://www.changingthepresent.org/nonprofits/show/14991/gifts

Online donations
You can donate online for the program of your choice in http://www.artinallofus.org/single-donation.html , or we can choose for you http://www.artinallofus.org/single-donation.html

You can also help up signing up for a membership in AiA in

In particular AiA is looking for:

  • Volunteers who teach photography and help developing creativity, in particular in a school located in Western Kenya

  • volunteers living in Dubai, to organize an event and an exhibition in late 2008, with the object of collecting funds

  • people who are able to translate from Swahili, Albanian or Norwegian into French, English or Spanish

  • a native English speaker to translate French into English

  • volunteers to join our viral marketing team

  • English speaker volunteers who can write in English to join our Fundraising/Grantwriting team

  • volunteers in Belgium who can help us organize our annual event

  • volunteers in Belgium to manage our relations with the press

  • a programmer who can create a Facebook application (C-sharp language.)

  • Volunteer coordinator that will help us manage our 100+volunteers

Finally, you can also help us by putting us in contact with people who can lodge us or contact within primary schools. Within the following 5 months we will be visiting:

Mexico - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua
Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize
Bolivie - Luxembourg - Andorra - Monaco -
Afghanistan - Kazakhstan - Kirghizstan - Tadjikistan
Turkménistan - Ouzbékistan

  Agenda for the Month  
Voices of our Children (Belgium)

AiA is pleased to invite you to its new exhibition in Brussels, where there will be painting, photography and graphic art. Opening will take place on Thursday, June 5, starting from 18:00, and the exhibition will be held on Saturday, June 7, from 10:00 to 19:00, at Victor Allard Street 269, in 1180 Brussels. A great number of photographs will be put on sale, and the returns will be for the benefit of AiA.

P@P’s great auction in favor of AiA
Party at the Pool (P@P) is a group of friends who try to put some fun in our lives… in Belgium. Beside the famous Idea@thebar, every year P@P organizes a great event where the idea is to eat, drink and listen to music amongst friends. 2008’s edition will be held on June 27 in the outskirts of Brussels, and it will include a special AiA area.

You have been officially invited!

1/ write down the date: June 27
2/ reserve your place by e-mail with the organizers: 10 € the evening or 25 € BBQ included
3/ take part in the auction and be prepared to win a wonderful prize: a kitesurf trip in Spain, a day with the photographers of AiA, courses of sushi in Chile… (complete prize list:
http://artinallofus.wordpress.com/ )
  Auction of the month  

Auction of the month

See the ebay link here before 12th of June of fabulous artist Paul Knight who decided to donate this piece of art to Art in All of Us.

It was inspired by a photograph of a Guarani (a man from Paraguay) shot by Bolivian photographer Ron Vargas.

  Volunteer of the month  

AiA has decided to honor one of its many volunteers in its newsletter by choosing the volunteer of the month. Each volunteer of the month will receive a photo from the photographers of AiA. The choice of the very first volunteer of the month was really tough. We finally decided on someone who has joined us recently and works in the shadow. Our translators –there are more than 50- carry out an outstanding job translating poems written by children, as well as all the documents of the marketing and fundraising teams. Freelance multilingual translator, José Miguel Neira, joined AiA by the beginning of 2008. It is with great enthusiasm and professionalism that he has delivered tens of translations for AiA… including this newsletter! José Miguel has also set up a Pen Pal Program between a Chilean and a Canadian school.

  Links of the month  

Written by Daphnee Paree and Barbara Morana
Translated by Jose Miguel Neira and Galia Hachem
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