October 2008
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AiA launches its new Curriculum program

Last summer, AiA launched its new program at New York's Hudson Guild: the AiA Curriculum. The goal of this new program is to promote cultural diversity by means of artistic and interactive activities. Each version invites children to learn about 4 new countries, exploring subjects such as geography, religion and culture through interactive activities and by integrating the concepts that AiA has been teaching in schools all over the world for three years.

Each and every one of the 192 countries will be presented 4 by 4. In order to illustrate its content, the AiA’s creative team uses art pieces of children, taken directly from our huge collection of over 15,000 art pieces. In its first edition, the AiA Curriculum presents Spain, Benin, the Bahamas and Pakistan.

After the success of the program on children and instructors at the Hudson Guild summer camp, they asked AiA to repeat the Curriculum during the after school program during autumn 2008. Every school around the world is welcome to participate on the AiA Curriculum.

Contact us to enforce the program in your school, community or ONG.

AiA working in Turkmenistan
Anthony Asael is the first foreign photographer to be allowed to work in a local school in Turkmenistan. The Turkmen Parliament has decided, to our great joy and surprise, to grant us the authorization we requested. As a consequence, 280 very creative and inquisitive children took part of the activities of AiA.

Read our travelogue here:
http://www.artinallofus.org/turkmenistan  and see for yourself the children enjoying our activities here: http://www.artinallofus.org/about-us/videos-and-movies.html

AiA publishes its brochure
New, vivid, easy to download:
AIA brochure is here...

AiA launches its first movie project
As part of its Art Pen Pal Program, AiA is hosting a “movie project” this quarter. The idea was initially brought by Dolores Brig, a very creative English teacher in Belgrade.

The aim of this project is to have students present their school and school environment in a 10 minutes documentary. Schools in Emirates, Madagascar, Mexico, Qatar, Serbia, and the USA are participating and will send their 10 minutes movie by the end of November.

AiA’s first calendar: Buy it
The 2009 calendar is finally finished and ready to go. Our little Santa will be your guide on a trip through 12 countries. Click here to discover and buy it.

News from the Art Pen Pal Project
September is the beginning of a new school year in many countries around the world. It is also AiA’s “back to school” period, when we form new bridges between schools, pairing them with each other, to exchange art.

This quarter, 26 classes/groups from 20 different entities (schools or children/youth centers) in Belgium, Canada, Emirates, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, Serbia, Sierra Leone, St Vincent, The Netherlands, Ukraine, and the USA will learn about each other, exchanging their artworks on different themes. 

Schools share with us the artworks they prepare for their pal schools throughout the year, allowing our web visitors to view their work. They are available in our Art PPP gallery, where you can appreciate some of the wonderful exchanges achieved in the past: click here to view.

Last school year, participating schools in Cote d’Ivoire, Mexico and Serbia organized art exhibitions based on the artworks exchanged, as well as cooking days inspired on their artpal school’s food habits, bringing cultural exchanges to the students’ taste buds!

    In this issue:


Interview of the Month

My name is Abaneh Walib Muktar. I live in Djibouti. I am in the 4th grade of school in Engueila. On a normal weekday I go to school.

I get up in the morning at 6am, wash myself, eat breakfast: some bread and chocolate, and sometimes "injera", a sort of pancake made from fermented cereals which comes from Ethiopia.

After that I walk to school, as I live in the same neighbourhood as my school. There, I listen to the teacher, and do what he tells us to do. I enjoy studying maths and French.

I leave school at 12pm : I only study in the morning. I go home and have my lunch : generally rice with meat and sauce. After that I wash myself and have a siesta between 1pm and 4pm. After I get up I eat some bagia (doughnuts), and I eat some badada (potatoes). Then I play ball or hide and seek with my friends.

In the evening, around 7.30pm a man, my tutor, comes to help me with my homework. Then I have my dinner and go to sleep.

More interviews here

Video of the month

What do Turkmen children think of AiA?
Find out here...

Links of the month
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Goodsearch and Goodshop
Now there is an easy way to help us: choose the Goodsearch search engine, created by Yahoo, and donate 1 cent to AiA by every search you perform. If you want to add your contribution to AiA, go to www.goodsearch.com and select Art in All of Us (New York) as the charity organization. You can also download the toolbar.

Change the present
Instead of giving a useless present... we show you some alternatives that will delight your friends... and all for a good cause! See: http://www.artinallofus.org/participate/i-want-to-give-creatively/changing-the-present.html or http://www.changingthepresent.org/nonprofits/show/14991/gifts

Online donations
You can donate online for the program of your choice, or we can choose for you: http://www.artinallofus.org/single-donation.html

You can also help us signing up for a membership with AiA: http://www.artinallofus.org/membership-donation.html

In particular, AiA is looking for:

  • volunteers who teach photography and help developing creativity, in particular in a school located in Western Kenya
  • volunteers living in Dubai, to organize an event and an exhibition in late 2008, with the objective of collecting funds
  • people who are able to translate from Arabic, Haitian Creole, Azeri, Danish or Norwegian into French, English or Spanish
  • a native English speaker to translate French into English
  • volunteers to join our viral marketing team
  • English speaker volunteers who can write in English to join our Fundraising / Grant writing team
  • volunteers in Belgium who can help us organize our annual event
  • volunteers in Belgium to manage our relations with the press
  • a programmer who can create a Facebook application (C-sharp language.)
  • Volunteer coordinator that will help us manage our 100+volunteers

Lodge us
Last but not least you can also help us by putting us in contact with people who can lodge us or primary schools to visit. Within the following 5 months we will be visiting:

Mongolia / Oman / Dubai / Qatar / Kuwait / Bahrain / Saudi Arabia / Iran / India / Maldives / Sri Lanka

  Agenda for the Month  
  Agenda News

AiA in 5th Avenue
AiA invites you to the new photographic exhibition, to be held on October 30 in the heart of Manhattan. More info here:

Bai Kamara sings for AiA
AiA will organize its big annual fundraising event to be held on November 28: a Bai Kamara Jr. concert in the Centre Culturel of Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, Charles Thielemans Ave. 93, in 1150 Bruxelles (doors open 7pm).

Tickets: 25 € / 20 € (advance).
Info and reservations:

We will also inaugurate the exhibition “Know Your World”, gathering brand new photographs from 40 countries.

Annual event in New York:
The annual new-yorker event will take place at the Hudson Guild Gallery on December 4. The founders of AiA will be there!

Did you know...?
  • AiA is present in 181 countries.

  • More than 50 schools have been visited during this year.

  • AiA won the DoDo Grant this year

  • AiA is organizing 3 events in New York this autumn

  • AiA works with 110 volunteers around the globe (but there is always the need for more).

  • The founders of AiA were lodged for 199 nights between January and September of 2008.

  • The number of visitors of our website doubled during the last month.

  • AiA participated with UNICEF in an exhibition about children’s rights in Panama.
  Volunteer of the month  

Dennis Rodie, our web and internet designer

Dennis has helped us working in the shadows for 18 months. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Belgium, today he lives in a small village in Sweden. He is the artist behind the second version of our website, developed last year. With passion and patience, he continues to help AiA by improving and updating our website every week.


Written by Daphnee Paree
Translated by Jose Miguel Neira
Design by Grace Pattison

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