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  April 2008  
Art in all of us

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New Newsletter
Goodbye 2007, welcome 2008! With our minds brimming with wonderful memories of 2007, AiA welcomes 2008, a year that promises to be full of projects, experiences and emotions. To put everything together, we present you the new look of our newsletter. We hope that you will find here all the information you need and hopefully you will enjoy the new layout. Have a good reading!

2007 Annual Report
2007 demonstrated growing interest caused by AiA among a wide and varied audience. We also confirmed the strength and good health of AiA, as the following quick balance shows:
  • By end 2007, AiA is now connected to schools in 151 countries
  • AiA received the 501c3 tax exemption status in USA.
  • We collected $59 000 in funds, 36% of which come from the sale of pictures, representing an increase of 324% compared to 2006.
  • Our administrative expenses represent only the 4% of our total expenses, and the costs of fund collecting represent the 18%.
  • We were honored to be invited to Harvard University, where we gave a conference about Global Citizenship.
  • 15 exhibitions were organized in 5 countries.
  • We opened the new website for AiA.
  • AiA’s team of volunteers totals over 100 members.

    You can find detailed information of our activities in our annual report for 2007 here.

Online AiA World Game
One of the favorite activities of the children we visit is, without a doubt, the AiA World Game: we show them photos and drawings created by children from all over the world, and they have to guess what country they are from. Enjoy! The game is available online at

AiA in the media
Go see our latest interviews and articles in Dubai, In Pakistan or in Belgium in the Children's Journal and in Knack.


    In this issue:


Artwork of the month

"The Lebanese taxi driver"
Malek Kadkey, 10 years old
Commented by Barbara Morana, Art Historian

Art work of the month

By reading this poem I could only notice once again the effectiveness and the frankness of the language spoken by children. It is in this frankness that the beauty of the story resides, and it comes to us like a fresh breeze. Malek describes the Lebanese taxi driver, and he does it with a language that strikes us by its simplicity and moves us by its complicity. This universal man who is analyzed by the eyes of a child, this man like so many other men, but unique in the imaginary of who is looking at him, has the merit of enclosing in his large Mercedes a heap of observations and many commonplaces. He is, above all things, nice and Lebanese. He does forty things while still having the time to laugh, howl, slow down, skip red lights, and still remains nice and Lebanese. Stressing his humanity is how Malek draws the portrait of a person who is accessible, generous, a little irascible and anticonformist, a kind of monument where the Lebanese flag flutters. His image touches us right in our hearts, without fancy detours, glowing metaphors and additional embellishment.

Malek describes the taxi driver, object-subject of his poem, and he does it by removing the comments full of criticism of grow-ups, bringing back the observations of a child who lives his every day without censoring himself.

If you want to write your comments about the poem, please click here

  Support Us  

Changing the Present

Instead of giving a useless present... we show you some alternatives that will delight your friends... and for a good cause!

Online donations
You can donate online for the program of your choice in , or we can choose for you

You can also help up signing up for a membership in AiA in

In particular AiA is looking for:

  • Volunteers who teach photography and help developing creativity, in particular in a school located in Western Kenya

  • A graphic designer who takes care of our brochures and other media that help us in collecting funds

  • Volunteers living in Dubai, to organize an event and an exhibition in late 2008, with the object of collecting funds

  • Translator of Swahili, Albanian, Maltese, and Norwegian (in French, English or Spanish).

  • Native English speaker for translation from French to English

Finally, you can also help us by putting us in contact with people who can lodge us or contact within primary schools. Within the following 5 months we will be visiting:

Eritrea - Yemen - Djibouti - Mexico - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Bolivia

  Event Schedule  
Aux arts citoyens in Belgium

In this exhibition you will be able to discover -and purchase for really low prices- original works of 30 artists. There will be painting, photography, drawing, graphics, sculpture... in particular you will run into photos taken by Anthony Asael and Stéphanie Rabemiafara, founders of Art in All of Us.

The works will be in display from March 28 to March 30 in the “Hangar” in Liège (pier Saint-Léonard 48b) and between April 18 and April 20 in the “Maison des Cultures” in Saint-Gilles (rue de Belgrade 120).!

A Light Unto The Nations in Montreal
  Some numbers from 2007  
  • In 2007, the AiA team visited 88 schools in 59 countries and as such reached schools in 151 countries.

  • An estimated 3930 children have participated to the AiA Awareness program in 2007. This is a short rise compared to the 3815 in 2006 (and the 915 in 2005).

  • In 2007, AiA team has travelled 142000 km 52000 by road.

  • We slept in 115 different beds

  • We were received by 71 families that lodge and shared with us
  Auction of the month  

Auction of the month

See the ebay link here before 24th of April of fabulous artist Paul Knight who decided to donate this piece of art to Art in All of Us.

It was inspired by pictures taken by Art in All of Us photographers in Bhutan.

  Links of the month  

Written by Daphnee Paree and Barbara Morana
Translated by Jose Miguel Neira and Galia Hachem
Design by

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