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      Date: Feb 28, 2016
     Title: Japan Fundraising for Art in All of Us.
Two Schools in Japan Unite for AiA - Linking creativity, generosity and helping others

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, 28th of February, 2016 – Elementary students at K. International School Tokyo participated in a New Year’s card (nengajou) fundraising activity to help support, and raise awareness of Art in All of Us. Students eagerly decorated their nengajou cards with stamps and drawings and sent them off to friends and family with wishes for the New Year. Total proceeds amount to around 42,000 yen/ approx. 350 USD.

This is a time when many of us are surrounded by friends and family, plentiful food and sometimes an excessive abundance of gifts. To highlight this disparity between the children of the world, to instill a sense of gratitude for what one has, and the ability to empower children to help others is vital, says Helen Campbell, K International School.

Reflection, communication, open mindedness and appreciation are key elements in stepping towards uniting minds for a common goal. Finding a more accessible means to support, celebrate, and provide authentic understanding of differences and similarities within not only our local, but global communities is important to pursue.

In Osaka, at the Osaka International School part of the Senri Osaka Foundation of Kwansei Gakuin a similar Art Action was being taken. Both are IBO world schools in Japan with creative elementary schools seeking to inquire beyond our classroom door to a wider international mindset and world community.

The 5th grade was very involved in making a huge crafts making business charity event for Art in All of Us called THE EVERYTHING SHOP selling goods at the SOIS international Day fair. The students really got involved soliciting help from all age groups in the elementary. Students made a wide variety of crafts from clay plates and containers to chop stick rests, to magnets to candles, jewelry, sculptures, stuffed toys, and many other interesting handmade crafts. The wide variety and creativity involved from this student led action event was inspiring, says Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo, Osaka International School

The entire event from start to finish happened over several months with many children working after school and at home thinking how to help children around the world through their own handmade craft thus helping Art in All of Us. By the end of the fair they had raised an astonishing 50,000 yen with all their creative efforts.

The funds raised by Japanese children will be used for Art and Creative projects in schools in Madagascar. It is very inspiring to see children helping each other globally and always using are to express themselves, says Anthony Asael, Founder of Art in All of Us.

About Art in All of Us
Art in All of Us (AiA) is a not for profit organization based in Belgium and in the United States (501(c)(3)) that promotes tolerance through artistic and cultural exchange activities throughout all the 193 UN member countries. Backed by organization like the UNICEF, SOS Children Villages, Fundacion America and important network of volunteers, AiA’s activities have reached more than 500000 children and 3000 schools in 193 countries.

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