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      Date: Oct  9, 2011
     Title: Children wishes for Japan
Children wishes for Japan

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, 10th October, 2011 – In collaboration with several schools and NGO’s around the world, Art in All of Us decided to repeat its experience of Haiti and ask children of the world to share their solidarity with children of Japan after the terrible Tsunami of March 2011.

“The first school to participate was in Haiti. Two days after the tsunami, they asked us to coordinate similar activities they had experienced in Haiti for the children in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. They wanted to communicate and share their own experiences with them. We were really touched by the fact that the initiative came from them and not from us. It comforts us in believing that we are on the right path and showcases the impact our work is having. Children helping children is a must! To be a good global citizen is to understand the hardships that others might face. As parents and educators, we need to help young people have compassion for others and the issues they face day to day no matter what country they live in”, says Anthony Asael, founder of Art in All of Us.

Osaka International School (OIS) organized more than 700 “Heart Art Bags” to be distributed to most affected children. It was a large community work with the help of teachers, parents, students working together towards this major undertaking. Food, water, and clothing are the basics that need to be provided quickly in disaster zones like this one. After essential preliminary forms of aid such as food and shelter - then what? A toy can help entertain a child, but an art activity bag could help a child in a disaster zone feel emotionally better. We believe that this Art activity bag will help children in some shelters in Northern Japan express themselves through self created art, stories, & music.

Each heart bag was painted by children in Japan (Osaka), Thailand, Spain and Austria. They all contained:
Sketchbooks, colored pencils set, oil pastels or crayons, notebooks, pencils, pencil case, school scissors, glue, sumi ink and brush, paint colors, origami papers, shodo paper, ruler, felt, eraser, Recorder, music notes and also drawing and poems of other children of the world.

“Today, children from more than 50 schools in 24 countries shared their solidarity by contributing their dreams, hopes and stories with Japan. We know that the Japanese children will be happy that they have received such a lovely gift to help inspire creativity and open their hearts - and most importantly - that these gifts came from other children around the world who took the time to connect and send notes of encouragement to make this happen”, commented Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo, from OIS and coordinator of the project.

Photos of the project can be found on here

About Art in All of Us
Art in All of Us (AiA) is a not for profit organization based in Belgium and in the United States (501(c)(3)) that promotes tolerance through artistic and cultural exchange activities throughout all the 192 UN listed countries. Backed by organization like the UNICEF, SOS Children Villages, Fundacion America and important network of volunteers, AiA’s activities have reached more than 50000 children and 760 schools in 192 countries.

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