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      Date: Jan 20, 2011
     Title: AiA connect Haitian children to world children through unique methodology
AiA connect Haitian children to world children through unique methodology

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, 20 January, 2011 - After the terrible earthquake of January 2010, thousands of people reached out to Haiti in a wave of solidarity. Anthony Asael, founder of Art in All of Us tells “Haitian children not only urgently needed water and food but were also in great need of being able to dream and draw as any child would. Art in All of Us decided to organize several Art activities in Haiti to continue to stimulate creativity, connect the world’s children with this devastated nation, and maybe get a few more smiles out of the kids in and around Port-au-Prince.”

First, AiA’s team reached out to their network of schools around the world and organized for several schools to send drawings and painting to Haiti and a show of solidarity. Art and photography were the language of communication, and the vehicle for sharing dreams, ideas, ambitions, and hopes. Schools from Guatemala, Malaysia, Serbia, Belgium, Chile, Uganda, Armenia, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Israel participated.

Several AiA Awareness Workshops will be given for 6000 Haitian children in the four areas most affected by the earthquake. Founder Anthony Asael facilitated the first workshops between October and December 2010. In collaboration with local partner Foundation Culture Creation d’Haiti, he also trained local educators, artists, and volunteers to continue AiA’s during 2011. During all the sessions, the children will be encouraged to express themselves through Art Therapy activities and also to create a dialog with other children around the world.

With Foundation Culture Création d’Haiti, four large exhibitions in the four most affected areas are produced with the hundreds of art pieces received from all over the world. Colette Perodin, executive director says “No other organization has reached out to the children of Haiti with the unique methodology of using the art of children from around the globe, who have reached out to Haiti’s children, to build bonds and global connections. Art, as always, is being utilized as the universal language to build understanding, support and hope.” On the next page you will find selected pieces of art that were prepared by children of the world and Haitian children:

In the second phase of the project, Haitian children will send their own interpretations of solidarity in response to the hundreds of children that expressed their blessings to them.

Boston Globe – The Big Picture – also reported about this story for the 1st years anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake :

About Art in All of Us
Art in All of Us (AiA) is a not for profit organization based in Belgium and in the United States (501(c)(3)) that promotes tolerance through artistic and cultural exchange activities throughout all the 192 UN listed countries. Backed by organization like the UNICEF, SOS Children Villages, Fundacion America and important network of volunteers, AiA’s activities have reached more than 26000 children and 350 schools in 192 countries.

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