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      Date: Oct 12, 2009
     Title: AiA invited to exhibit at the Unicef for the 20 years anniversary of the Children Rights Convention
AiA invited to exhibit at the Unicef for the 20 years anniversary of the Children Rights Convention

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New York, USA, 9 October 2009 -- Art in all of Us (AiA) is proud to present a photography and children's art exhibition from November 3rd untill December 31st 2009 to mark the 20th anniversary of the CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) at the DKVC Center at UNICEF headquaters in New York. Mrs. Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF will open the exhibition.

This exhibition celebrates the right of every child to freedom of expression, as outlined by Article 13 of the CRC. For each one of the 192 countries, the lives of children are being represented through the artwork gathered by AiA - their realities, their dreams, their ambitions, and their voices are being expressed. After five years, 192 countries, 300 schools, and the participation of 18,000 childre, this representation of the world through the eyes of children is a unique project, unmatched in it's originality and successful representation of every UN - member countries.

"From the perspectives of the young citizens represented in this exhibit, we hope to empower a global understanding between cultures, generations and individuals, which we believe will lead to building greater tolerance and cross cultural understanding, amongst children and adults", said Anthony Asael, Executive Director of AiA.

AiA is also proud to announce its new partnership with DreamSakes. "Like AiA, DreamSakes believes in the power of art to transform lives. Our goal is to empower parents and teachers to preserve, enjoy and share children's artwork. We're proud to support AiA's exhibition with UNICEF as well as their international kids art pen pal program because sharing art can be just as important as creating it", says Richard L. Lieberfarb, Executive Vice President.

To further promote children's creativity and the world's cultural diversity, AiA is concurrently launching the World Art Book. The Book is a collection of children's varied interpretations of their own countries through art. Each of the 192 UN-member countries is presented through a single portrait of a resident, a drawing and a national poem written by a local child. Mrs. Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF, honored Art in All of Us by writing the foreword of this beautiful book. In her foreword, she says that "This extraordinary book is and adventure into the creative minds of children. (...) The result is a colorful ensemble of creative pieces from around the world - from Belgium to Benin - That reflect the uniqueness of each background yet also the similarities that run through childhood." The profits from the sale of the World Art Book, will help support AiA in their ambitious plan to grow, expand, and continue their work in educating the world's youth through art.

About DreamSakes
DreamSakes helps parents and teachers to preserve, share and enjoy their kids' artwork. They provide high-quality scanning, making it easy and convenient to transform mini-masterpieces into an online museum. Parents and teachers can invite others to view the galleries, and can also turn the images into keepsakes and gifts. For schools and art teachers, they have a simple fund-raising program.

About Art in All of Us
Art in All of Us (AiA) is a not-for-profit organization based in both Belgium and the United States (501(c)(3)) that promotes tolerance through artistic and cultural exchange activities throughout all the 192 UN listed countries. Backed by organizations like UNICEF, SOS Children Villages, Fundacion America along with it's vital network of volunteers, AiA's activities have reached more than 18,400 children and 300 schools in 192 countries.

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