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      Date: Jul 28, 2008
     Title: Art in All of Us launches innovative curriculum development program, first in the United States
Art in All of Us volunteers teach sixth grade students about cultural difference and artistic communication at the Hudson Guild in New York City.

New York, New York: July 22, 2008- Art in All of Us (AiA), a not for profit organization dedicated to inspiring children around the world to build a tolerant world for tomorrow, proudly announces the launch of its original Curriculum Development Program at the Hudson Guild . in New York City The three-week long program promotes cultural awareness, exploring topics like geography, religion, and ethnicity through interactive activities that foster creativity. Along with exploring the United States, the AiA Curriculum Kit highlights four countries: Spain, Bahamas, Benin, and Pakistan.

In an effort to create a mobile version of the AiA program, Art in All of Us Founder and Programs Director, Stephanie Rabemiafara, envisioned an educational syllabus incorporating the concepts she and her social entrepreneur partner, Anthony Asael, President and COO, have been teaching in schools around the world for the last two years. Through her experience, and with the combined effort of a team of experts, including Marina Massi, the U.S. Director, AiA introduces an artistic approach to cultural education with content written and drawn by children around the world.

“With the launch of the curriculum, we hope to open student’s eyes to new cultures, ethnicities, religions, and languages in a way that breaks down stereotype and discrimination,” says Marina Massi, U.S. Curriculum Director, “The artistic portion of the lessons give children a voice, empowering them to express their feelings, build their self-esteem, and create a more positive future.”

Art in All of Us has launched the new program among sixth grade students in a summer camp at The Hudson Guild, a community building providing a variety of classes to both children and adults. As a reflection of the Art in All of Us mission, the curriculum is being taught by a diverse and enthusiastic group of volunteers, whole-heartedly committed to opening the students up to beauty of different cultures.

Says Angela Tsiki, School Bridges Program Director of Hudson Guild, “It’s wonderful to see kids become culturally aware and really get to know the differences and similarities among people around the world, especially in this time of intense global conflict. We have such a diverse group of students already, so AiA’s program helps celebrate our uniqueness. We are so grateful to AiA for bringing us this innovative curriculum.”

A YouTube clip of a classroom experience of AiA in Trinidad and Tobago done earlier this year can be found at

About Art in All of Us:
Art in All of Us (AiA) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization based in Belgium and in the United States that works with children from around the world promoting tolerance through artistic exchange. AiA is motivated by the belief that a better and fairer world can be achieved by equipping children with the tools and the drive to express themselves imaginatively and freely. They work to develop creativity, curiosity and artistic sensitivities of children in the 192 UN listed countries by letting them discover the world of poetry, drawing and photography. AiA accomplishes this through its four core programs: AiA Pen Pal Program, World Art Book program, AiA Awareness Program, and the Curriculum Development Program.

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About Hudson Guild

Hudson Guild is the only comprehensive community-service organization in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. The Guild brings people together in ways that contribute to strong and vital neighborhoods. Guild programs include adult and senior services, arts and culture, children and youth services, community action groups, a mental health program, and a community food co-op. Hudson Guild was founded in 1895 by social reformer, Dr. John Lovejoy Elliott as part of the urban settlement house movement that served early immigrants.

Contact Angela Tsikis, School Bridge Program Director,212-243-7574