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      Date: Dec 30, 2007
     Title: Art in All of Us wish you a happy 2008
Please download our Happy 2008 card and best wishes from children around the world

click here to download the happy2008 card

click here to download the best wishes voices of children

Let us start by thanking you all for making 2007 a amazing year for Art in All of Us

Before publishing of annual report next trimester, here are some 2007 highlights we wanted to share with you:

-Art in All of Us has reached schools in over 150 countries
-Art in All of Us is a non for profit 501c3 organization in the USA since 4 months
-In 2007, we have been invited by European parliament and Harvard University to promote Art in All of Us
-Our Event of the year in Brussels was a huge success
-We organized more than 14 art exhibitions in 5 countries displaying children’s works
-We introduced a new program called Violet promoting creativity in schools
-New volunteer team has reached 80 and a new dream team been set up in New-York
-After 9 months of work, we successfully launched Art in All of Us new website
-Unicef has participated in Art in All of Us activities in more than 70 countries

We are already full of new and fresh ideas for 2008. More will be told in a couple of weeks….

We wanted to wish all of you an excellent year 2008 full of creativity and happiness.

We invite you to read this poem from Sophie Awa (11 years) from Benin

The Art in All of Us team !