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Israel 01

Description: religious couple playing in the water

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Israel 01

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Israel 01
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Egypt Egypt

This picture is nice.
yet, I can't see any images from the far less privileged Palestinian children or populous,
Regardless the reasons, it is a shame.
27.12.2007 03:46
norway Palestinian Territory

lovely pictures, but as the comment above also highlights, there are no pictures of Palestinians in this series. It also seems that in your Middle East program you work in Israel and other countries in the region, but not in the occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem). I am wondering why as the most marginalized and vulnerable children live here, and many are also isolated from the outside world and would greatly benefit from activities promoting tolerance and understanding. I hope you will expand your project to benefit them. Keep up the good work.
21.03.2009 23:57
Lebanon Lebanon

I also have the same comment as the two above.
I was expecting more in here, children of occupied Palestine are forgotten and I beleive that they also have the right to be seen! Promoting peace also includes showing the other side of the story, that side that is always forced to remain in the shadows.
18.05.2009 06:31
Rochelle Michaels
Canada Unknown or LAN

The 3 comments above from people living in Egypt, Lebanon and Norway have requested AiA to include “the other side” of Israel…

Here is the other side of Israel many forget…

In Israel, there are a Million Muslim Israeli citizens with full and equal rights and protections. ARABIC is an official language in Israel.

Muslims in Israel have full voting rights, sit on the Israeli Supreme Court, are Cabinet Members in government, sit in Parliament, and have their own political parties

Non-Jews own half of all private land in Israel, even though they make up less than 20% of the population

Muslims are faculty members and students at Israel’s top universities

Muslims have funding of their mosques and salaries of religious leaders paid by Israeli government

There are 57 Islamic Countries…One Jewish State…We all have a right to exist.
24.09.2009 05:46
Rochelle Michaels
Canada Unknown or LAN

I am a Jew and Pro “Palestinian”.

There is nothing I want more than for “Palestinians” to be successful…economically, academically and in every other way within a just and compassionate society.

After 60 years and BILLIONS of dollars have poured into the Palestinian Territories, many still do not have running water...Their leaders drive luxury cars and live behind iron gates inside mansions. They give their people nothing but a diet of hate with promises of paradise when strapped with explosives... Families receive not only money, but glory after their child is turned into a bomb.

If you truly cared about peace in the Middle East, then you would speak out against those who preach intolerance.
24.09.2009 05:51
Rochelle Michaels
Canada Unknown or LAN

Gaza is occupied by Hamas.

In 2005 there was complete ethnic cleansing of Gaza and all Jews were expelled.

After, Gaza has been the launch pad for 1,000's of rockets into Israel, targetting schools, hospitals and synagogues.

If you truly cared about peace in the Middle East, then you would speak out against those who preach intolerance.
24.09.2009 06:14
Lauren Perlman
Israel United States

As soon as I saw this site, I went straight to the Israel content. From what I gather, this organization's amazing purpose is to highlight children.....and to show children (and adults) how similar they are despite their culture. All children need to be respected and kept safe by the adults in their homes, village, state and country. They all deserve to be the best that they can be, live in peace and have the responsibility to contribute to peace, as well.
It is important to point out that the land of which you are speaking is not OCCUPIED. Rochelle put it very well in her comments above.

Adults around the world need to put every effort into uniting and making the world better and safer for their children. I am pleased to see the efforts of Art in All of Us.
30.12.2010 22:27

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